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Child Custody & Visitation

When child custody is at issue, your attorney does matter. Parents in either a divorce or post-divorce custody dispute usually have one goal – to have as much time with their children in order to continue to have as great a role as possible in their child’s life. The court will make this determination mainly on what the court determines to be “the best interest of the child”. Options to handle these issues include litigation, mediation, and/or collaborative law. Issues The Law Office of Frank P. Skipper has successfully handled over the years include grandparents’ rights, child support and expenses, and who will retain primary custody of the child. Determination of where the children will live, and who will have rights to make decisions regarding the children’s educational and medical issues are also critically important. These issues are very emotional and frequently highly contentious. The The Law Office of Frank P. Skipper has the ability and experience to advance your conservatorship goals to give you the best chance of achieving them.

Frequently the court will look to several factors to make a custody determination. These Include:

  • The stability of the environment provided by a specific parent;
  • The general fitness of each parent;
  • Which parent is responsible for the child’s primary care; (i.e. feeding, dressing preparing meals, etc.)
  • Any dangers a proposed parent may impose;
  • A parent’s involvement in a child’s schooling and extracurricular activities;
  • Whether a parent has tried to turn the child against the other parent;
  • Whether the parents can work together for the benefit of the child;
  • The emotional needs of the child; and
  • In a child over 12 years of age, the preferences of the child.

The Court however, is not restricted to these particular factors and will frequently consider other information to attempt to determine what the Court believes is the best for the child. This is specifically why an experienced attorney like Frank Skipper is so critical to have on your side.