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Along with child custody and support issues and in any case in which there are no children, the division of property and assets is a major component to be resolved in a divorce. In a community property state, such as Texas, the law assumes that everything acquired during the marriage is community property. However, such is not always the case, and the characterization of the property of the marital estate as either “separate” or “community” is critical to an appropriate resolution of a divorce case.

Separate property can include:

  • Anything acquired prior to the marriate by a party;
  • Anything inherited by one of the parties;
  • Any gift from one party to the other;
  • Any gifts specifically to one of the parties and not the other; and
  • Certain personal injury awards to a party.

At The Law Office of Frank P. Skipper,our firm has years of experience dealing with everything from complex cases involving large estates to estates with nominal assets. Each of these cases is handled with equal importance and dignity, regardless of the amount of money or value involved. Mr. Skipper’s undergraduate degree in accounting and his many years practicing business law give him particular insight into family and business finances which he utilizes to his clients advantage in the division of property.